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Guinot products and treatments are probably the most well-known and respected in the beauty business. Guinot was the first to create skincare products containing the 56 active biological ingredients fundamental to cellular health. The famous Guinot electrical treatments can only be performed by a specially trained therapist, using this technology to achieve a younger, healthier and visibly improved complexion. We stock a range of Guinot creams and products only available from a Guinot PRESCRIPTION Salon


The famous luxurious relaxing and exclusive Guinot facial Hydradermie, in just over an hour your skin looks “brand new” with regular treatments your skin will become clearer, healthier and more radiantly beautiful. This treatment is offered in 4 versions tailored to your beauty needs. Hydradermie is provided exclusively by experienced and specially trained beauty therapists. Includes massage and face mask. Lasts one hour.

Hydradermie Cellular Energy £50.00

Hydradermie Age Logic £55.00

Hydra Lifting Facial £50.00

Hyra Lift Deluxe £68.00 1 hour 45 mins, lifting nourishing regenerating, immediately visible results

Liftxpress £44.00

Eye logic hydradermie £50.00

Hydraclean facial £28.00....half hour nourishing and cleansing

AROMATIC FACIAL £40.00- Luxurious facial with essential plant oils and aromatherapy massage, excellent for dry irritated skin. One hour

LIFTOSOME FACIAL £46.00 - Super nourishing and lifting facial with heated face mask

HYDRA PEELING £45.00 - A rejuvenating treatment with 2 options for all skins to reveal a renewed & radiant complexion

PRESCRIPTION FACIAL £40.00 - This is a facial devised to suit your skin and its specific requirements. The therapist will thoroughly cleanse your skin and examine it closely to see what your individual requirements are, deep cleansing, re-moisturising, rebalancing, firming and toning, all followed by a relaxing facial massage. Your skin will look fresher and cleaner you will be relaxed and rejuvenated. Lasts approximately one hour

Some facials may be combined, please enquire

A shortened version of the prescription facial for when time is limited


Light makeup for day or evening/party makeup from £14.00

Makeup with lesson and restyle, including brow shape £30.00


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